The Search Process

Relationships must be built on trust and open communication in order to effectively service our client companies. We approach the search process in four stages.

First Stage: Defining the role and desired candidate

  • Gaining a thorough understanding of the recurring responsibilities as well as the short and long term objectives of the position. A review of the departmental and organizational structure and the path to future career advancement opportunities.
  • Obtaining a brief overview of the backgrounds of the management team and insight into the existing corporate culture.
  • Determining the appropriate experience, academic background, credentials and personal qualities required of potential candidates.
  • Identifying the compensation range necessary to attract the desired background.

Second Stage: Candidate identification

  • Internal LV team meetings are conducted in order to reinforce the important
    specifications communicated by our client.
  • An in-depth review of our active candidate pool to assess and subsequently review the career opportunity with those individuals identified.
  • Continued efforts generated by our consultants to identify passive candidates
    (i.e., those that are not actively on the market, however highly qualified for the position).
  • A final review to determine those individuals who are best qualified for the role meeting the criteria outlined by our client company.
  • Introduction of candidate resumes with commentary and recommendations.

Third Stage: Scheduling candidate interviews

  • Coordinating interview schedules and preparing each candidate for their meetings.
  • Debriefing candidates to determine interest and comfort level with job content and the overall career opportunity.
  • Identifying a short list of finalists to complete the interview process.

Fourth Stage: Presenting the offer

  • Communicating all pertinent details related to formulating a competitive financial package for the selected candidate.
  • Arranging the acceptance of the offer, establishing a start date and coordinating the steps in the pre-employment process.
  • Guiding the candidate through the notice giving process.
  • Conducting references.
  • Post-hire follow up and feedback throughtout the transition with the new company.