Market Trends & Expectations

The employment market is continuously evolving and being prepared for changing cycles is no easy task. LV has navigated through a number of significant fluctuations in our economy and the job market. This experience provides us with a unique perspective on managing careers, not only in the best of times but more importantly, in the most difficult of times. Our consultants are in daily contact with business leaders who drive the job market. We are firmly positioned to offer "real world" expectations to those exploring career opportunities.

For Candidates

We can discuss how the market will respond to your specific qualifications and the best path to achieve your professional goals. Whether seeking advice on building your career, drafting a resume, or actively searching the market, LV is prepared to guide you through the process. We are good listeners and appreciate the importance of presenting opportunities that correspond to your expressed interests.

For Client Companies

We realize that attracting a successful management team and staff, while controlling costs and increasing profit margins, is vital to the success of an organization. In order for companies to achieve their goals, each department head must lead their team with vision and creativity while maintaining the core values of the organization. LV has the resources and extensive contacts to identify high caliber professionals who will add value, deliver results and fit well into your existing business culture. Our attentiveness to screening and matching the needs of our clients with the skill sets and personal qualities of our candidates has resulted in an impeccable track record of long term placements.