Our Services

Licari & Vitanza Associates, Inc. is a boutique contingency recruiting firm specializing in the placement of accounting and finance professionals. We pride ourselves in being responsive, available and focused on the key criteria required to provide quality service.

It is our experience that investing up-front communication with our clients allows the staffing process to be managed promptly and successfully. Dedication to these principles has enabled us to achieve an outstanding four-to-one candidate-to-hire success rate.

When a client engages our services they have immediate access to a vast network of talent established through personal meetings and years of relationship building. Whether actively on the market or selectively searching for a unique opportunity, we have earned their trust. As a result, candidates will approach interviews with confidence knowing we have their best interests in mind.

LV can assist client companies develop job descriptions, determine market and compensation trends, and provide insight on department/organizational structure.

Candidates can utilize our expertise in resume development, creating networking resources and for ongoing advice with career related questions.

We consider ourselves an extension of the financial professionals and companies we service. Our commitment is to represent you with integrity and professionalism.

The Search Process

Relationships must be built on trust and open communication in order to effectively service our client companies. We approach the search process in four stages.

First Stage: Defining the role and desired candidate

  • Gaining a thorough understanding of the recurring responsibilities as well as the short and long term objectives of the position. A review of the departmental and organizational structure and the path to future career advancement opportunities.
  • Obtaining a brief overview of the backgrounds of the management team and insight into the existing corporate culture.
  • Determining the appropriate experience, academic background, credentials and personal qualities required of potential candidates.
  • Identifying the compensation range necessary to attract the desired background.

Second Stage: Candidate identification

  • Internal LV team meetings are conducted in order to reinforce the important
    specifications communicated by our client.
  • An in-depth review of our active candidate pool to assess and subsequently review the career opportunity with those individuals identified.
  • Continued efforts generated by our consultants to identify passive candidates
    (i.e., those that are not actively on the market, however highly qualified for the position).
  • A final review to determine those individuals who are best qualified for the role meeting the criteria outlined by our client company.
  • Introduction of candidate resumes with commentary and recommendations.

Third Stage: Scheduling candidate interviews

  • Coordinating interview schedules and preparing each candidate for their meetings.
  • Debriefing candidates to determine interest and comfort level with job content and the overall career opportunity.
  • Identifying a short list of finalists to complete the interview process.

Fourth Stage: Presenting the offer

  • Communicating all pertinent details related to formulating a competitive financial package for the selected candidate.
  • Arranging the acceptance of the offer, establishing a start date and coordinating the steps in the pre-employment process.
  • Guiding the candidate through the notice giving process.
  • Conducting references.
  • Post-hire follow up and feedback throughtout the transition with the new company.

Market Trends & Expectations

The employment market is continuously evolving and being prepared for changing cycles is no easy task. LV has navigated through a number of significant fluctuations in our economy and the job market. This experience provides us with a unique perspective on managing careers, not only in the best of times but more importantly, in the most difficult of times. Our consultants are in daily contact with business leaders who drive the job market. We are firmly positioned to offer "real world" expectations to those exploring career opportunities.

For Candidates

We can discuss how the market will respond to your specific qualifications and the best path to achieve your professional goals. Whether seeking advice on building your career, drafting a resume, or actively searching the market, LV is prepared to guide you through the process. We are good listeners and appreciate the importance of presenting opportunities that correspond to your expressed interests.

For Client Companies

We realize that attracting a successful management team and staff, while controlling costs and increasing profit margins, is vital to the success of an organization. In order for companies to achieve their goals, each department head must lead their team with vision and creativity while maintaining the core values of the organization. LV has the resources and extensive contacts to identify high caliber professionals who will add value, deliver results and fit well into your existing business culture. Our attentiveness to screening and matching the needs of our clients with the skill sets and personal qualities of our candidates has resulted in an impeccable track record of long term placements.

Interview Preparation

Every interview represents a potential stepping stone in your career. In today's competitive environment, researching a prospective employer is more important than ever. One of our strongest assets is the ability to convey essential pre-approach details and information in order to ensure a successful meeting. In essence, we want to be your competitive edge.

Job Content

We will provide you a thorough review of the technical skills required as well as the responsibilities associated with a career opportunity, including special projects and initiatives evolving behind the scenes. Our consultants will offer recommendations as to the experiences and accomplishments best to highlight within your background. We will also guide you to seamlessly communicate your career progression, goals and interests.

Company Profile

We will present an extensive overview of the company's history, operations and the products and/or services that drive the business. Our consultants will review notable recent developments and insight into the strategic direction of the organization. We will also provide an understanding of the departmental structure and potential opportunities for career advancement.

Management Style/Corporate Culture

One of the most important variables in assessing a career opportunity is having a clear understanding of the cultural dynamics associated with a prospective employer. Taking the time to understand your professional goals and individual needs is our primary concern. LV will provide the valuable insight and pre-screening to align your interests with a suitable corporate culture. This sensitivity to the "matching process" is critical to ensuring a successful placement.

The Interview Process

It is our goal to maintain well-defined communications as you proceed through the interview process. We understand that each company offers a unique interview approach. Our consultants will prepare you for any initial meetings and guide you through the various stages of interview progression. Upon receiving an offer, we maintain a collaborative style as you complete your decision making process. If any last minute questions or negotiation items arise, we are there to provide all the information necessary to make a sound and confident career choice.